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"Nothin Soft About It! Play Hard, Get Dirty"
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The Board goes Bowling!!

Written by: League Administrator
Sunday, October 19, 2014


Thank you to the SFL Board for going out and supporting our sister league ABLES on Saturday and taking part in their bowling fundraiser. please stay tuned for other chances to get involved.

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Parade Volunteers Needed

Written by: League Administrator
Thursday, October 23, 2014

Parents we need some volunteers!!

SFL is taking part in the Christmas Parade again this year and want you to come out and join us, if you are interested in walking with us or helping on the float please send an email to There

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make up game schedule

Written by: League Administrator
Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Parents and Coaches,

Here is the list of the make up rain games,

12U-Tigers and bulldogs will be on Friday field 1 at 815

8U Raiders vs huskies has moved to field 3 at 8:15

6U Raiders and wolverines will play fri field 4 at 8:15

Auburn Tigers (10U)
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Yesterday's Scores
12U Varsity Division: Georgia Bulldogs(12U) 5
12U Varsity Division: Kentucky Wildcats (12U) 7
12U Varsity Division: Miami Hurricanes (12U) 5
12U Varsity Division: Auburn Tigers (12U) 2
10U Junior Varsity: Miami Hurricanes (10U) 7
10U Junior Varsity: Auburn Tigers (10U) 8
10U Junior Varsity: Cal State Titans (10U) 3
10U Junior Varsity: Miami Hurricanes (10U) 6
8U Rookie Division: Ohio State Buckeyes (8U) 0
8U Rookie Division: Washington Huskies (8U) 13
8U Rookie Division: MTSU Raiders (8U) 14
8U Rookie Division: Florida State Seminoles (8U) 1
8U Rookie Division: Ohio State Buckeyes (8U) 3
8U Rookie Division: MTSU Raiders (8U) 12
6U Training Division: Michigan Wolverines (6U) 2
6U Training Division: Alabama Tide (6U) 14
6U Training Division: Kentucky Wildcats (6U) 9
6U Training Division: MTSU Raiders (6U) 16

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